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Sophie Bretschneider


Born in 1988 and raised in Germany as daughter of two musicians, Sophie played violin since she was six years old. 2008 she attended Lilla Akademien and after playing viola for one year she in 2009 started studying viola at the Royal Academy of music in Stockholm with Torbjörn Helander, Henrik Frendin, Pascal Siffert and James Opie.

Courses like Baltic Youth Philharmonic, Gstaad Festival Orchestra occupied her summers until she now is a permanent member at Läckö castle for the yearly summer opera performance. She now plays frequently with the Swedish Radio Orchestra, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Nordic Chamber Orchestra, etc and has been in Jönköping’s Sinfonietta since 2017.

As a permanent member of the Svenska Barytontrion she plays chamber concerts with this unique group and has upcoming recording for all 127 Haydns Barytontrios.