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The Online Music Competition

North Competition is a platform for pupils, students and musicians without the limitation of age. The idea is to bring contestants from all around the world, through one of the most powerful platforms nowadays – the Internet.

Enjoy the brand new way of competing.

Competitors is granted the possibility of playing compositions by the competition program (two compositions) before a video or a web camera, without any pressure, tremor or stress. They can re-perform it again and again, as many times as they think it is necessary in order to get a quality performance. From now on, you are able to decide when you are prepared and when you will perform at the competition!


Unlike the usual evaluation in competitions where you have very little audience listening to the candidates performing, internet evaluation puts an extra pressure and responsibility on the jury to evaluate you as fairly and scrupulously as possible. A minimum of nine qualified judges will be evaluating the audition materials. We also invite judges from Europe, Asia, USA…

How to Apply?

Obligation of the competitor who wants to participate in The Online Music Competition has been ultimately simplified! When a competitor logs on to The North Competition website, they can send their video recording, scanned birth certificate and evidence of a donation payment, as well as fill out the online application form.

Financial expenses.

The total expenses that the musicians have to cover are reduced to minimum! Only a donation has to be paid, without having to pay for transportation, accommodation during a competition and the engagement of a piano accompaniment

Submit your video recording so that the entire world can see you!

Unlike other competitions, where huge musical energy, work and effort made by pupils and their teachers is lost instantly after the limited time given for the performance. This type of competition gives an excellent possibility to replay the performance of a musician as many times as they want.

North Competition