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Bowen Liu

Bowen Liu has shown an incredible ability to express himself through his instrument and has the ability to add a personal touch to the music without deviating from the composers writing.

Bowen Liu performs in Category X – Piano

Watch Bowen Liu perform J.S.Bachs French Suite No. 2

Bowen Liu learned the piano when he was 6 years old. He received “Bachelor of Arts” in Renmin University of China and his “Master of Music” in University of Cincinnati (college- conservatory of music). Now, he is pursuing his DMA degree in University of Minnesota. He has won;
-The Prime Golden Bell Music Award of China
– The Copper prize in 2013 
– The CCTV piano & violin Competition with honorable mention in 2014.
He has also took part in the Smetana International Competition in 2014 and othersinternational competitions as well. 

He has also played concerts in Beijing, Tianjin, Yichang, Italy, the United States. He has had the opportunity to  work with the Symphony Orchestra to play piano concertos in Beijing during 2014 and 2015. In 2016, He played the “Rachmaninov third piano concerto for his graduate text, and he won the “Best Performance Prize”. 

Except attending competitions, he always joined some music festivals. Such as:
– The Amalfi music festival
– The 10th Beijing international music festival.
He also had the opportunities to attend master classes with some famous pianists such as Matti Raekallio, Douglas Humphreys, Thomas Schumacher and others. His teacher included pianist Fang Zhang who was the chair of music faculty in Renmin university, and pianist Soyeon Kate Lee in university of Cincinnati. Now he is learning with Alexander Braginsky for his DMA degree.