APPLICATIONS FOR 2017 The North International Music Competition ARE NOW CLOSED.

Here you can read on how to apply for the online music competition. To apply for free for the pre-screening submit a video recording of the performance (YouTube link or other online video platform) by email. Within the same email, please include your name, age and nationality, name of the piece and composer.

Please send your submissions between June 1 – October 1 to the following email address: 

During this period we will pre-screen the contestants for free and we will let you know if you have passed. If you have passed the pre-screening, you should still follow the three steps below to complete the registration and to confirm your place in the competition.

If a contestant failed to apply for the PRE-SCREENING (before the 1 of October 2017). He/she can still apply between 1 September – 15 November, but will have to pay 30£ to participate in The North International Music Competition, without the option of being pre-screenedFor more information visit Rules.

The Application is now CLOSED.


To apply for the competition:

1. Pay an administrative fee of £30 (GBP) per competition
– Payment Method: pay with a PayPal account or with a bank account, debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit, via PayPal.
– The Administrative Fee is Non-Refundable.
– In the Aplication Form, please insert the PayPal Transaction ID.

2. Fill out and submit the Application Form via an encrypted connection on a HTTPS web page.

To the Google Docs Application Form – Click Here

3. Email us your portrait photo.



The impression of your performance will largely depend on the quality of video, there are some advices:

1. Do not use the digital zoom. Put the video recording device at a shorter distance.
2. If you are recording using a mobile device (phone, tablet …), place it only in a horizontal position.
3. Try to avoid unwanted noise during recording (the sounds behind the scenes, and etc.)
4. Do not put the artist in front of a bright light source (such as a window).
5. Do not use optical effects (sepia, fast shooting, b / w photo, etc.)
6. Camera has to be directed to the artist, it must be on the foreground of the image.
7. Do not edit your video and do not make it from several pieces of videos.
8. It is allowed to use an external microphone (wireless microphone, stereo microphone..).


North competition piano above